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Freshly Picked Giveaway!

FP LPD Logo 2
Hey guys! I am so excited to be announcing this giveaway with Freshly Picked! If you love stationery & Freshly Picked moccasins this is the perfect giveaway for you! Since I started Little Print Design baby cards & prints are something I have loved designing. So, I thought it would be perfect to collaborate with Freshly Picked, a company I love, to bring you this fun giveaway! I am leaving for the National Stationery Show next week in NYC (ah!) so to celebrate I have included some new hand lettered baby cards and a new baby print from the line debuting at the show! You will be the first to get these new products, yay! You will also win a new pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for your little one! The best part – you get to pick any color and any size from their website if you win!

I decided to reach out to Freshly Picked to collaborate on this giveaway not only because I love their product, but because I think Susan Petersen, the founder behind the brand, is an amazing entrepreneur and someone I admire. I first learned about the line when I saw them on Shark Tank. I thought, wow what an adorable, innovative idea for little ones. In only a couple years she has taken the company so far. She started making the moccasins in her basement and now has a full production warehouse, staff, celebrity babies wearing her shoes, you name it! It is so inspiring, as an entrepreneur myself, to see someone fully living the “american dream”. She had an idea and that idea turned into her passion. She never gave up on that passion even when she was making them out of her basement and look where she is today! I think her story is amazing & she continues to inspire me with my own company. She also takes time to share her experience, words of wisdom, thoughts, lessons learned, etc on her instagram with all her followers. She calls it her “entrepreneur empowerment movement” or “#eemovement”. When I first started following her and saw she did this I thought, ok this is pretty amazing! Not only is she successful but she wants to help other small businesses with their own journey – I don’t think anything is cooler than that!

FP Giveaway Photo

1. Follow @littleprintdesign and @freshlypicked on Instagram
2. Repost the Instagram giveaway to your feed & tag 2 friends. Tell us what little one you would like to see wearing a new pair of moccasins & with a new art print hanging in their room!
3. #littleprintdesign

A WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM ON MONDAY MAY 11! Goodluck! This giveaway is open to anyone – stationery lovers, mom’s to be, mom’s or friends who would like to give to another friend!

*Note: you are not eligible to win if you have won any other giveaway including a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last 60 days. thanks!

FP Giveaway Close Up

FP Shoe Close Up

Paper Camp

Wow – it has been so long since I have posted! My life has been a whirlwind the past few months and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and write. First thing first – I want to talk about my amazing time at Paper Camp! A lot of people left messages on instagram asking what it was like so I wanted to share my experience there. And no we do not sleep in tents, and no it is not like band camp (HA)!

I was introduced to Paper Camp from one of the past alumni’s who highly encouraged attending before going to the National Stationery Show. When I originally looked into it I was a little scared about the tuition price since I was already paying SO much to attend the stationery show. Starting a business can be financially scary, actually a lot scary. You have to put up a lot of up front money to get it running. But if it is your passion, and you believe in your product – take the chance. That is what I tell myself. I emailed the founder, Katie Hunt, and asked if there were any scholarships available. She responded YES indeed, and that at each camp they give out one full paid tuition. So of course I applied. In my head I thought there was no way I would be awarded the scholarship – anyone who knows me knows how unlucky I am. Well some how I beat the odds and was awarded a full paid tuition to Paper Camp! I really couldn’t believe it! It was meant to be and made me realize that other people could see the passion, hard work and endless hours that I had put into my company and product line over the past year.

So what is paper camp like? Kind of like mini college for stationery all rolled into one weekend. Sounds impossible right – to learn all there is to know over the course of a weekend. Of course you don’t learn everything – but let me tell you I learned more in a weekend than I ever thought possible. Up until Paper Camp I was learning as I go, doing what I thought was “industry standard” based on blogs from other girls and my amazing friend Google. The hard part was there were so many questions I had, but couldn’t find the answers. I attended Paper Camp at just the right time. I had come to a point in my business where I had a strong product, but I was becoming frustrated with all my unanswered questions and how to take my business to the next level. I knew there was so much I didn’t know and I hated that feeling. I wanted to learn, I wanted to look professional and I wanted to feel confident when I pitched a store. At this point I had also finalized my application to exhibit in the National Stationery Show in May – and there was no turning back. Sometimes as they say “ignorance is bliss.” For me it was. I think if I realized how intense the National Stationery Show prep was before I signed up & how much I needed to learn, I probably would have talked myself out of it haha. Now I am glad I did it and I am so excited/nervous/happy for next month when I debut my hand lettered line in NYC! (I will write another post on my NSS show prep and tell you all about everything that goes into it! It’s insane!)

Paper Camp not only answered all my questions but gave me so much confidence to take on the National Stationery Show next month. We went over all the ins and outs, do’s and dont’s of the show and how to prepare. Now having gone to camp I seriously don’t know how I would have done the show without it. I also learned so much about the wholesale side of the business. When to approach retailers, how to approach and most importantly the importance of always adding value with your products. On top of all the guidance from the amazing speakers, you walk away with a binder full of valuable information to take home with you. This binder has become my NSS bible. Let me tell you that this thing does not leave my sight!

But my favorite part of Paper Camp was being around an entire group of people who share the same passion as you. I didn’t realize how much I was craving this interaction until I was around it. To sit in a room full of people who want to talk paper, colors, envelopes, printers, trade shows, etc. is the absolute BEST! To hear people’s stories and realize they have gone through the same problems as you, makes you feel like “hey I’m not the only one who had to learn that the hard way!” My friends and family are amazing and have been the best supporters of Little Print Design since I started but the community I met at Paper Camp is a different type of support system. They get the struggles, the nightmare printer stories, the paper mistakes, the constant hustle, the happiness from landing a dream retailer and how much work and passion goes into producing 1 greeting card. I am so grateful for the experience I had at camp and all the awesome girls that I met. I highly, highly recommend going to Paper Camp if you are thinking about it. I laugh at myself that I even debated maybe not attending based on tuition price because now having been through camp I would pay even more than that for the valuable information & support system. Thank you to Katie and the awesome team who taught us so much! It is crazy how much work they put into making camp as awesome as it is. Everything from personalized notepads to bags full of stationery goodies. It was a paper lovers dream & I want to go back! Here are some pics from the weekend..

Paper Camp

Paper Camp

Paper Camp 3

Paper Camp 4

A Little Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is only 11 days away! This year has seriously flown by for me! I am excited for all there is to come in 2015. 2015 is going to be a big year of change for me, and while half of me is really nervous the other half of me is extremely excited! I will be attending the National Stationery Show in May and can’t wait! It was a huge decision to go – but thanks to my husband’s amazing support I am going! I know it is going to be a lot of work & stress, but I am up for it. My goal for 2015 is to give Little Print Design 110%. It’s both terrifying & exciting taking the leap & giving your dream 100% – but I would forever regret not chasing my dream if I didn’t do it. I know I will grow a lot this coming year both as a person & artist – and that’s the best part, challenging yourself and growing.

I will be spending Christmas this year in Thailand!! EXCITED would be an understatement! Isaac and I leave this Saturday for 3 weeks!! This is a dream trip for both of us and something we really wanted to do before we had kids. I am so grateful to be going on this trip – I know it will be memories that we will never forget. I am going to try and write a few blog posts while I am over there, since there will be so many awesome things to talk about and show in pictures! Thanks to this trip I was way on top of Christmas cards & buying gifts, since I had to had everything together before we left. I designed our own Christmas cards, and had so much fun with it! I used our photo from the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party we went to, because it was just too funny not to use. I figured now that I own a stationery company, it would be against the rules to use Minted or Tiny Prints (even though I love both of these sites). Next year for Christmas I plan to sell custom Christmas cards that you can use your own photo with!

Christmas Card


Christmas is my favorite holiday and by far my favorite holiday to design cards for. Below is “A Little Christmas” holiday line:


WellWed Magazine Feature

I am so excited to say that Isaac and I’s wedding is featured in this months WellWed magazine! I purchased this magazine during our wedding planning myself – so it is an honor to see our wedding in this months issue! Thanks to our florist, Sarah from Watershed Floral, who submitted our wedding to the magazine, we are featured as a full spread! Being a designer, it was important to me when I started to plan the wedding that I did most everything DIY including the invitations. I wanted the wedding to represent everything that Isaac and I are as a couple. Isaac is an avid surfer, having grown up in San Diego it was important to him to get married on the water, even though we would be getting married in Maine rather than San Diego. When we found the TEIA club on the water in Peaks Island, off the coast of Portland (where I grew up) we knew it was the perfect spot! I chose a color palette of peaches and pinks with accents of gold. I have a love for triangles and geometric shapes, so that was a focus throughout.

DIY weddings are amazing, and when I walked into the room that day with Isaac by my side and saw all the little decorations and projects we had created over the year prior it was so rewarding. It was perfect – and it was us. But I do want to say to anyone out there attempting to DIY projects for their wedding – don’t get caught up in the little stuff. This is something I did, and looking back I would change. I got so fixated on every small detail and spent hours on stuff that when it really came down to it – on the day of the wedding probably only my close girlfriends noticed. But if it means a lot to you do it! Also beware – not every pinterest project is as easy as it looks!! For example – I created my own marbled paint vases for centerpieces. It took about 7 tries, lots of tears and lots of money wasted to get them right. I can laugh at it now, but at the time it was not so funny haha. The final product however came out awesome! I know DIY projects are not for everyone, but if you love crafts and design like me – take time to make some stuff yourself, it makes your wedding unique and personable! But ask for help!! I know most people are like me, and think oh I can do it all – but it’s so much easier to have friends and family help – even if it’s the small things. Now when I go to weddings I love seeing the stuff handmade by the bride and groom because I know how much work goes into it.

One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was creating our invitations. Print design is my passion so I couldn’t wait to make our wedding suite. However, creating a design for yourself is so much harder!! I went through a lot of initial designs before I finally settled on one. It took hours to put them all together but it was something that meant a lot to me. We received so many compliments on them which was exciting! This past year I got to create my sister’s wedding invitations which was awesome as well. I think the invitation suite sets the tone and style for the wedding, so it is something worth taking time on.


All in all I had such an amazing time planning our wedding. When it comes down to it, the decorations, crafts and type of chairs you have are not whats important. (But lets be honest, cute decorations always make everything better) It’s the family, friends, laughs and love all in one room to celebrate and support you and your husband. What is more beautiful than that. I remember the night of our wedding trying to take in every moment of the night, because I don’t think we will ever have that group of family and friends under one roof again. I will never forget it, ever. It truly was the best day of our lives.


Below are some pictures from our DIY wedding & the featured spread in Well Wed Magazine! (and good thing I don’t live on the east coast anymore or I would have bought all of the hard copies from Barnes and Noble by now haha).

Well Wed Spread:
Well Wed - Spread

Ceremony – Hanging Ribbon, DIY signs & ceremony fans




Table Design – handmade thank you notes, DIY vases & geometric paper shapes





Outside Deck Area with DIY additions




DIY candy table for guests with all of Isaac & I’s favorite candy (this was a hit!) – We also chose to do chevron bags filed with taffy as our “thank you” to-go item





Pink and Peach Color Scheme For Bridesmaid Dresses


Wedding Party!


Queen Bee Market Show!

So I survived my first big show! The Queen Bee Market show was awesome! It was such a fun experience and I really learned a lot. Before working the show as a vendor, I had always gone as a customer/shopper. I never realized how much time and effort goes into prepping for the show. Building a booth, creating inventory, marketing on social media, etc. These vendors/artists work hard! I now have a new appreciation for the vendors/artists in any show I go to moving forward. I prepped for the show a couple weeks in advanced since I am still working full time during the week. It was a lot of late night dates my printer, little sleep and a sore back but it was so rewarding in the end! It was really fun to meet all the other vendors in the show too. I love hearing people’s stories and how they started their businesses. The best knowledge I have found thus far is from people just like myself – starting a business from the ground up & learning along the way, so I value the time spent with these people and what they have to say.

My husband and brother in law worked so hard on my booth design and I couldn’t have been more happy with how it turned out. I basically gave them a sketch of a rectangle with little squares drawn on top of it (my mock up of where prints in frames would go haha) and after laughing at my sketch created such an amazing booth! I really feel so lucky to have such supportive family members as I try to grow this business. The most challenging part of this show was knowing how much inventory to bring, and what to bring. You just never know how big of a crowd will show up – and on top of that Mique (the owner of Queen Bee Market) announced it was going to be her last show (so sad) – so I figured a lot of people would want to make it out for the last one. The good thing is I didn’t run out of anything, but moving forward for the next show I do, I know what I can cut back on. Here is the booth building in progress – boys working hard!


The biggest two things I learned at this show were pricing & best sellers. Up to this point I have been selling the bulk of my product through Etsy. The problem with Etsy is that most shoppers (not all) that come to my shop usually have searched for a particular card type that they need to buy. Not that this is a negative at all, because it allows me to see what types of cards most buyers look for on Etsy. However, a show like Queen Bee Market allowed me to have my entire line in front of customers who are primarily “just shopping.” So they are walking up to my booth, without necessarily needing a card, and looking through my products and purchasing by what they like best. I was really able to see what designs, prints and notepads that people were most drawn to. This will help me for making decisions on new designs moving forward.

The second thing was pricing. Since I have never done a show like this before, I went there with the same pricing I have up on my Etsy shop. After day 1 at the show, I was a little disappointed that a lot of people were grabbing items, and then when I told them the price they would set it back down. So I knew they liked the product – it was the price they didn’t like. My husband, Isaac was there with me all friday night, so he was able to observe a lot too & able to see what was working successfully at other booths. That night after the first day of the show, Isaac helped me create new pricing for Saturday. We determined that people wanted more of a “deal” not retail pricing they would find on Etsy. So on Saturday I offered more specials. 3 cards for $10.00 and (2) 8×10 prints for $20.00. It was crazy how much more I sold with the new specials!! So for any of you girls out there reading this that may have a show coming up – I highly recommend dropping your pricing a little & offering more specials. Even dropping my price by a dollar on some of my products made such a difference. My husband made a good point too when we were talking about the show after it was done. It shouldn’t be so much about the money you are making right now (obviously making some profit is a plus for all the hard work), but more about getting your name out there, and delivering a quality product that people want to come back and purchase again. I couldn’t agree more.


After the show was done, I woke up on Sunday and quite a few of my customers had posted pictures of items they had bought from Little Print Design at the Queen Bee Market. It was awesome to see people so excited about their new prints and cards. That is what is so rewarding to me & about art in general. My designs are who I am as a person & artist and to have them loved by other people means so much to me. I want to thank Mique for putting on am amazing show and giving me the opportunity to be a vendor! We will miss the Queen Bee Market show tons! Also thank you to all my friends and family that came out to support me! You guys are the best!


photo 2-4




Collaboration with A Little Bundle

I am SO excited to announce that Little Print Design will be collaborating with A Little Bundle! For all of you who aren’t familiar with A Little Bundle it is a unique baby subscription box that provides curated bundles of products for both mother and her baby, choosing from products from around the world. Moms out there – definitely check it out! In each box they feature an artist/designer to create an exclusive greeting card to be used by the moms and moms-to-be to write a note to their little one! For the month of November, Little Print Design will be the featured designer and all subscribers will receive a “Twinkle Twinkle” card in their box! This card has always been a favorite of mine in the baby line, because it can be used for either gender and for so many occasions. I was so excited to be given this opportunity by Annie, the owner and CEO of A Little Bundle. It was a couple of late nights prepping 400 of these cards to get ready to send off – but I couldn’t be happier knowing these will be in front of so many moms this month! You can check out A Little Bundle’s website here:

Featured Artist

Twinkle twinkle card featured in the box:

Twinkle Twinkle

Boxed and ready to send!

Twinkle Boxed

Post Locals Only Show

Last weekend I had the Locals Only Show and everything went great! I was really nervous leading up to the show, only because I had never done one before and had no idea how much inventory to bring. However, it turned out to be a little slower than I thought – so they amount of product I brought was more than enough. The good thing is, almost everyone that stopped in purchased something from my booth, or had nice compliments – all of which I appreciated a ton! It was so great to finally have my entire line of cards all together, presented on a table for people to see. I didn’t think it would be as rewarding as it was. Just having people stop by my table and ask about my art process & how I make the cards was awesome & made all the past “meltdowns” (as Isaac calls them haha) worth it. I think this was a perfect practice run before my bigger show next month. Also – my husband helped me complete my DIY wooden sign that I talked about earlier. Turned out great and was super cheap to make! They nice guy at Home Depot gave us the piece of wood for free (score!) so I only had to purchase the stain and a decal. I made the whole sign for about $20.00 which was great compared to the already made wood signs I wanted to buy.

Starting out in the stationery world, I think one of the hardest challenges has been trying to start a company and product line that is competitive, professional and current without spending a lot. I, like everyone else, go on pinterest and instagram and see what all the other stationery companies are doing and start to get worried (not always, but some days) that my line/products/displays aren’t as awesome or aren’t all gold foiled & letterpressed, etc. But I saw a quote that I try to remember each day that says it perfectly “comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt. And it is so true. You just have to believe in your own work, and your own passion and go on your own timeline not someone else’s. It’s not always easy but I am learning to embrace the journey better. I can’t wait to see where Little Print Design goes. I have so much heart invested in this little company, so I know only good things can happen.

Next month, Little Print Design will be at the Queen Bee Market – a 2 day art show in Oceanside. I like to call it “etsy come to life” because it is really just that. I went last year as a shopper and it was so much fun. It is a bunch of girls (and a few guys) who have etsy shops, or small businesses that come together in one room and build small individual booths to showcase their products! There is everything from screen printed shirts to homemade wood signage. I really love the concept of this show because it supports all small, local companies. A great place to get christmas gifts that are unique! I will post more about the show a little later!

Below are some pictures from the Locals Only Show!



Locals Only Show – October 18th!

ahhh! I have been way behind with my posting lately – extra free time is almost non-existent these days! But I wanted to catch everyone up on some fun things that are happening! In 2 weeks, Little Print Design will be a vendor at the Locals Only Show – at Ollie & Me in Downtown Carlsbad. I am so honored to be asked to be part of this show and especially since it supports all local artists. I think it is so important to support small, local shops and this is an excellent way to do just that. I will be among some great artists/vendors and encourage everyone who lives in San Diego to stop by! I will have my entire holiday card line available – so it will be a great time to stock up on Thanksgiving and Christmas cards and be way on top of it! The date of the show is October 18th, and starts at 10 am! There will be all sorts of items, not just baby stuff – so come check it out! This is my first official craft show – so as you can imagine I am excited and stressed. If you need me I will be locked away in my studio for the next 2 weeks- designing, prepping and printing! I also want to build a wooden logo sign for the show, aka have Isaac, my husband build it. He loves when I fill his weekend with Little Print Design projects :) haha. If all goes well I will post some pics.

In other news, Little Print Design is now selling at Hi Sweetheart in La Jolla. It is an adorable little shop carrying all sorts of goodies! I stopped down there the other day while my parents were in town visiting from Maine, and it is such an amazing feeling to see my cards on display next to so many great designers! I always dreamed about having my card line in stores one day and now it is happening – and its awesome!

Ollie & Me

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting – I have been so busy designing and creating new designs for the shop! I am going to attempt to post a lot more frequently moving forward, so we shall see how that goes! Right now I am still working a full time job while trying to run Little Print Design – so it has been a lot! But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love working on new products for the shop, it is such a creative outlet for me. I have always been passionate about art & design, but now channeling that passion into my own company that I am sharing with everyone else has been so much more rewarding than I ever thought. Hopefully soon I will be able to do this full time! Thats the plan!

But enough about that :) In more exciting news – this week I had a meeting with the owner of Ollie & Me, a baby boutique store in downtown Carlsbad, CA, to chat with her about carrying my baby card line. She loved the cards and they are now being carried in her shop! I was beyond excited to be part of a shop that I love so much! I didn’t know how the meeting would go, but the Owner, Cheri and her buying Manager were so welcoming and nice. They love supporting small local companies which I think is amazing. It’s so hard starting out & trying to compete with established larger companies, so to meet a store owner who is fully supportive of the small companies is a breath of fresh air. I 100% believe in my card line, I just needed a shop owner to believe with me! So thank you Ollie & Me for going on this journey with me – and sharing my baby line with others! I hope to get into some more local shops soon!

This week I am going to be working on adding some new wedding/engagement cards to the shop! So stay tuned! Below are photos of some new baby cards & my cards displayed in Ollie & Me!

Cards displayed at Ollie & Me

Cards displayed at Ollie & Me


Mama To Be

Baby Hearts

Little Print Design Goes To Maine!

I didn’t get a chance to post last week because I was in Maine for a week celebrating my sister’s wedding! It was one of the best weddings I have ever been to (and I’m not just saying that because it is my sister)! Her and Kurt got married at the Barn at Flanagan Farm, and honestly this place was a pinterest board come to life. The barn itself was beautifully rustic with so much character and charm, and attached was an old farmhouse that the owner re-did. She hired an interior design team from New York City and it showed it every room. I seriously wanted to move into this place! Someday I hope to have a house like that, I will keep the pictures posted to my Pinterest page so my interior design team can see what to copy haha! (yah right) I posted some pictures of it below so you can see! I will post more once we get the professional photos back!

My sisters wedding and mine were back to back. Mine was last year, and her’s this year. The coolest part was seeing how different we each styled our weddings, but equally as unique and beautiful. Mine was on Peaks Island in Maine, overlooking the water, and hers was set in the woods in Buxton. We both did a million DIY projects, which always seem fun at first when you try to make 1 or 2, but then become extremely stressful when you realize you actually need to make 120 of them to put one at every seat. Also I have learned that whenever a Pinterest post looks too easy to be true, it is. I had a few pinterest fails, that at the time caused a complete breakdown but oh well, they are always a good laugh now. But in all honestly, I think a DIY wedding is worth it – it shows the style and personality of the couple completely. So anyone of you girls reading that are planning a wedding – make your own decorations! It’s worth it the day of your wedding when you walk into a room that you, your husband, friends and family all helped to create.

While I was in Maine I also did my first cold calling into stores with my greeting cards! It was actually a lot less scary than I thought it would be. Im sure a few of the shop owners could tell it was my first day, but hey no one ever makes it without trying and putting yourself out there. A lot of owners were not in the stores, which was a bummer, but I left my samples behind and will follow up this week! I had the shop on vacation mode while I was in Maine so I could focus on my sister and spending time with my family, but it is open now & the orders have been awesome this week! Thank you everyone for your support and orders. It is such an amazing feeling to watch my dream come to life – I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I saw a quote yesterday that made me laugh because it is so how I feel a lot of the time running Little Print Design. “You can do anything – but not everything.” – SO true! There are a million things I want to do, a million new card designs I want to create, but I just can’t do everything at once! Its frustrating sometimes – I need more hours in the day!! I’m sure every other small business owner feels the same. But I am excited to say new baby card styles will be up in the shop this weekend! A few people have requested more unisex baby cards, for friends who don’t know what they are having, so they will be up soon :)

Flanagan Farm – Britt & Kurt 07.19.14









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