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Post Locals Only Show

Last weekend I had the Locals Only Show and everything went great! I was really nervous leading up to the show, only because I had never done one before and had no idea how much inventory to bring. However, it turned out to be a little slower than I thought – so they amount of product I brought was more than enough. The good thing is, almost everyone that stopped in purchased something from my booth, or had nice compliments – all of which I appreciated a ton! It was so great to finally have my entire line of cards all together, presented on a table for people to see. I didn’t think it would be as rewarding as it was. Just having people stop by my table and ask about my art process & how I make the cards was awesome & made all the past “meltdowns” (as Isaac calls them haha) worth it. I think this was a perfect practice run before my bigger show next month. Also – my husband helped me complete my DIY wooden sign that I talked about earlier. Turned out great and was super cheap to make! They nice guy at Home Depot gave us the piece of wood for free (score!) so I only had to purchase the stain and a decal. I made the whole sign for about $20.00 which was great compared to the already made wood signs I wanted to buy.

Starting out in the stationery world, I think one of the hardest challenges has been trying to start a company and product line that is competitive, professional and current without spending a lot. I, like everyone else, go on pinterest and instagram and see what all the other stationery companies are doing and start to get worried (not always, but some days) that my line/products/displays aren’t as awesome or aren’t all gold foiled & letterpressed, etc. But I saw a quote that I try to remember each day that says it perfectly “comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt. And it is so true. You just have to believe in your own work, and your own passion and go on your own timeline not someone else’s. It’s not always easy but I am learning to embrace the journey better. I can’t wait to see where Little Print Design goes. I have so much heart invested in this little company, so I know only good things can happen.

Next month, Little Print Design will be at the Queen Bee Market – a 2 day art show in Oceanside. I like to call it “etsy come to life” because it is really just that. I went last year as a shopper and it was so much fun. It is a bunch of girls (and a few guys) who have etsy shops, or small businesses that come together in one room and build small individual booths to showcase their products! There is everything from screen printed shirts to homemade wood signage. I really love the concept of this show because it supports all small, local companies. A great place to get christmas gifts that are unique! I will post more about the show a little later!

Below are some pictures from the Locals Only Show!



Locals Only Show – October 18th!

ahhh! I have been way behind with my posting lately – extra free time is almost non-existent these days! But I wanted to catch everyone up on some fun things that are happening! In 2 weeks, Little Print Design will be a vendor at the Locals Only Show – at Ollie & Me in Downtown Carlsbad. I am so honored to be asked to be part of this show and especially since it supports all local artists. I think it is so important to support small, local shops and this is an excellent way to do just that. I will be among some great artists/vendors and encourage everyone who lives in San Diego to stop by! I will have my entire holiday card line available – so it will be a great time to stock up on Thanksgiving and Christmas cards and be way on top of it! The date of the show is October 18th, and starts at 10 am! There will be all sorts of items, not just baby stuff – so come check it out! This is my first official craft show – so as you can imagine I am excited and stressed. If you need me I will be locked away in my studio for the next 2 weeks- designing, prepping and printing! I also want to build a wooden logo sign for the show, aka have Isaac, my husband build it. He loves when I fill his weekend with Little Print Design projects :) haha. If all goes well I will post some pics.

In other news, Little Print Design is now selling at Hi Sweetheart in La Jolla. It is an adorable little shop carrying all sorts of goodies! I stopped down there the other day while my parents were in town visiting from Maine, and it is such an amazing feeling to see my cards on display next to so many great designers! I always dreamed about having my card line in stores one day and now it is happening – and its awesome!