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Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting – I have been so busy designing and creating new designs for the shop! I am going to attempt to post a lot more frequently moving forward, so we shall see how that goes! Right now I am still working a full time job while trying to run Little Print Design – so it has been a lot! But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love working on new products for the shop, it is such a creative outlet for me. I have always been passionate about art & design, but now channeling that passion into my own company that I am sharing with everyone else has been so much more rewarding than I ever thought. Hopefully soon I will be able to do this full time! Thats the plan!

But enough about that :) In more exciting news – this week I had a meeting with the owner of Ollie & Me, a baby boutique store in downtown Carlsbad, CA, to chat with her about carrying my baby card line. She loved the cards and they are now being carried in her shop! I was beyond excited to be part of a shop that I love so much! I didn’t know how the meeting would go, but the Owner, Cheri and her buying Manager were so welcoming and nice. They love supporting small local companies which I think is amazing. It’s so hard starting out & trying to compete with established larger companies, so to meet a store owner who is fully supportive of the small companies is a breath of fresh air. I 100% believe in my card line, I just needed a shop owner to believe with me! So thank you Ollie & Me for going on this journey with me – and sharing my baby line with others! I hope to get into some more local shops soon!

This week I am going to be working on adding some new wedding/engagement cards to the shop! So stay tuned! Below are photos of some new baby cards & my cards displayed in Ollie & Me!

Cards displayed at Ollie & Me

Cards displayed at Ollie & Me


Mama To Be

Baby Hearts

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